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May 5, 2024 - The Lies We Live By; Real Faith Never Falters

Sermon Notes

Series: The Lies We Live By

Title: Lie #9: Real Faith Never Falters

Text: Luke 15:11-32

How the Younger Son Got It Wrong:

  1. He thought the world could offer a better life than his father.

  2. He thought he could fix it all himself.

  3. He thought his failure changed his value in the Father's heart.

Ways the Older Son Got It Wrong:

  1. He thought proximity was as vital as personification.

  2. He thought performance was primary.

  3. He thought the party was pointless.

The Truth: Authentic faith finds its way home to the heart of the Father.

Directions back home:

  1. Trust that life in Christ is worth pursuing.

  2. Turn back to Him ASAP when you realize you have gotten off course.

  3. Treasure your place at the party.

Point Group Questions

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