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Our Core Values

At CrossPoint our mission is equipping believers to love and lead like Jesus by being Grounded in the Word of God, Devoted to the Glory of God and Drenched in the Spirit of God. 



Discover life-changing guidance with our community, where we remain 'Grounded' in the Gospel's timeless wisdom and 'Drenched' in the Spirit of God. Our community is 'Devoted' to living out the Bible's life-changing truths in every aspect of life. Join our supportive community of Christ followers, engaging in worship services, discussion groups, and educational classes, all aimed at nurturing a life deeply rooted in and guided by biblical principles.



Experience 'Resilient Joy' with us, inspired by Jesus' promise of a beautiful, abundant life. We believe in the excellence of His Kingdom and embrace the unwavering joy of our ultimate triumph. Our community understands life's challenges but holds onto hope, celebrating each success as a glimpse of the greater glory yet to come



Embrace 'Risky Faith' with us, where being led by the Holy Spirit means daring to take significant risks for God's glory. Our approach is not about recklessness, but about courageously facing potential failures. Join a community that boldly steps out in faith, always ready to undertake grand endeavors for God, regardless of the challenges.



Be a part of  'Relational Transformation' to become impactful 'difference makers' in our world. Committed to being 'salt and light,' we focus on building and utilizing genuine relationships to inspire change in every sphere – from personal lives and families to schools, workplaces, and the broader community. Our mission is to empower people to love and lead in the way of Jesus. We believe that the most effective impact is achieved when we unite, learn, and serve together in His name.

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