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"Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” I love sharing my heart for the Lord through worship, so others can see the impact Jesus has on my life. It’s not what we do, but what Christ does through us when we walk in surrender with Him. Serving and loving others isn’t always easy, but God has a purpose and plan for you. Let your light shine, serve, and give God the glory. Serving others matters, and you won’t regret the sacrifice of your time."



The Welcome Team emphasizes the significance of Sunday gatherings for worship, study, and fellowship based on biblical principles and personal enjoyment. It advocates for active participation in the team to improve the overall worship experience and make a memorable first impression. The team structure includes various roles within subteams, each dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere characterized by love, excellence, and security.


The CP Kids Wednesday Night Team at plays a crucial role in providing enriching Wednesday evening activities for children, with a strong emphasis on teaching about Jesus. This team is committed to creating a vibrant and educational environment where children can learn about biblical principles, engage in worship, and grow in their faith.Team members are encouraged to participate in various roles, ranging from teaching classes to operating AV equipment, and leading interactive games.


The Point Group Hosts play a vital role in building community through leading small group discussions. They focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for meaningful conversations on diverse topics. Their responsibilities include preparing materials, guiding inclusive and deep discussions, and encouraging member participation. Their leadership in these groups fosters deeper church community relationships, personal growth, and a supportive network, enhancing the sense of belonging and community spirit at CrossPoint Church.


The Nursery Team focuses on providing a nurturing and safe environment for young children, aiding families in the church community. It promotes involvement in the Sunday Nursery and Caretaker Team to ensure the care, security, and affection for the children. The team's duties include rotating tasks in caretaking, check-in, and security, aimed at offering a pleasant experience for the children and reassurance for their parents and guardians.


The Production/AV/Soundbooth Team plays a key role in enhancing worship and community events through professional audiovisual and sound management. They ensure high-quality technical support for clear and impactful sermons, music, and activities. Their duties involve handling sound and lighting, video projections, and live streaming. Their technical expertise contributes to an immersive environment for all church events, enriching the congregational experience and making events more meaningful and accessible.


The Prayer Team vital for spiritual support, uplifting the congregation through prayer. They focus on meeting individual spiritual needs, offering comfort and seeking divine guidance. The team ensures a compassionate and confidential setting for sharing concerns and provides prayerful support. They regularly address a range of needs, from personal to community-wide issues. Their dedication strengthens the church's spiritual foundation and fosters unity and empathy in the congregation, significantly nurturing and reinforcing faith at CrossPoint Church.

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