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Connect. Learn. Serve.



Our Point Groups are more than just meetings; they are vibrant communities where authentic relationships flourish. In these groups, you will find a healthy space dedicated to fostering connections. It's a place where encouragement, care, and accountability are not just words but actions lived out through meaningful interactions. Join us to experience the warmth of community and the strength of shared bonds.



Dive into the essence of faith with our Point Groups. Here, we create a safe and nurturing environment for everyone to learn and discuss the teachings of God's Word. Our approach is centered around shared learning, where every voice is valued. Engage in open and honest discussions that not only deepen your understanding but also empower you to apply these lessons in everyday life.



Point Groups aren’t just about what happens within; they're also about impacting the world around us. We provide numerous opportunities to serve, leveraging our collective circles of influence and common crossings. Together, we reach out to those in need, serve the community, and consistently point others to Jesus through our actions. It's about making a difference and embodying the spirit of service.

When Point Groups first began and they were needing hosts, it was an easy choice for our family to host! Rob & I had both thought about it individually & when we spoke to one another about it we were on the same page. We consider having someone over for a meal or taking them to lunch an enjoyable ministry because you get more than the “How’s it going” and you get to really form relationships and be there for someone who might need you! So Point Groups was an awesome way to do this on a regular basis- we’ve been able to really establish lots of connections/friendships & these people have become our tribe! Our group has branched off some and started new groups- but we still have those connections and friendships & we sometimes even get multiple groups back together because we love all of our people! My house is never perfect, feels like it’s busting at the seams sometimes, and cooking isn’t my strong point- but no one cares about any of that… everyone’s just happy to be here! I definitely encourage hosting or joining a point group- or if you just need a person in your corner & you think I might fit the script… let me know!
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