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May 12, 2024 - The Lies We Live By; My Kids Are My Whole World

Sermon Notes

Series: The Lies We Live By

Title: Lie #10: My Kids Are My Whole World

3 Manifestations of the Lie::

  1. "I have to do it all - all by myself."

    1. The Antidote:

      1. Learn to Abide in Christ (John 15:5-11) B.

      2. Cultivate Christ-like Community (Hebrews 10:24-25; Galatians 6:2; Romans 8:1)

  2. "Well, as long as my kids are happy."

    1. Contrasting Pursuits:

      1. The Way of the World: to pursue happiness through a life filled with stuff.

      2. The Way of the Word: to pursue contentment and joy through a life filled with the Spirit.

    2. Three Danger Zones:

      1. The Danger of No Margin

      2. The Danger of Over Stimulation

      3. The Danger of Defunct Discipline

      4. (Psalm 46:10; Philippians 4:11-13; Heb. 12:11; Joshua 4:5-7)

  3. " I am Just a Mom..."

    1. Prevailing Truth: Your calling as a mother is too vital to miss all that God wants to do in and through you during this season.

Point Group Questions

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