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January 14, 2024 - Ready, Set, GROW: Learning to Lean on God

Sermon Notes

Series: Ready, Set, GROW!

Title: Learning to Lean on God

Gen. 32; 1-8, 22-32 & 33:20

Teaching Points:

  1. God never stops pursuing our hearts.

  2. God will break us to bless us if He has to.

  3. God wants our faith in Him to change how we live for Him.

Other Scripture References:

Matthew 18:12

John 10:10-11

Hebrews 12:6

Psalm 51:17

Romans 12:1-2


  1. Build your life upon the promises and plan of God.

  2. Make prayer your first response instead of your last resort.

  3. Treasure God's presence in you and with you more than what you want Him to do for you.

Point Group Questions

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