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April 14 2024 - The Lies We Live By; I like the Bible but it's Irrelevant Today.

Sermon Notes

Series: The Lies We Live By

Title: Lie #6: I like the Bible but it's Irrelevant Today.

The Truth: The Bible is relevant because it reveals God’s saving remedy for humanity’s hopeless condition.

Reasons for the relevance of the Bible:

  1. Relevant because of its enduring validity—1 Peter 1:24-25

  2. Relevant because of its’ assessment of humanity’s problem—Gal. 5:19-21.

  3. Relevant because of its revelation of God’s redeeming purpose—Romans 5:8.

  4. Relevant because of its instruction for healthy and holy living—Matthew 4:4

Application for making God’s Word a priority in your life:

  1. Have a specific time.

  2. Read or listen with a submissive heart.

  3. Keep life lessons on your computer or on a note pad.

  4. Start asap.

Point Group Questions

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