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March 3, 2024 - The Lies We Live By; God's Will is for Me to be Happy.

Updated: Apr 5

Sermon Notes

Series: The Lies We Live By

Title: Lie #2: God's Will is for Me to be Happy.

Text: Romans 12:1-2

The Truth: Jesus laid down His life for us so we could live for something much deeper, more valuable, and more satisfying than happiness in this world.

How that lie shows up in our lives:

  1. We make God's truth accountable to our preference instead of making our lives accountable to His truth.

  2. We have unhealthy expectations of how God should employ His power in our story.

Application Points (What God Wants for Us More Than Happiness):

  1. To be spiritually healthy.

  2. To pursue holiness.

  3. To be full of hope.

Point Group Questions

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